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    Findlay Amateur Hockey Association

    Upcoming Events - Save the Dates

    •    New Board Members election - contact Nate Heintzelman at if interested.

    •    2021-2022 Travel Tryout Dates
    o    Mark your calendars if interestedJune 26: 3pm-6pm; July 12: 6-8pm or July 13 6-7PM

    •    2021-2022 Season Pre-registration - watch for information in early April

    •    Summer Ice will run from April-June (included with pre-registration)

    •    West Side Hockey camp June 14-18th

    •    2021-2022 Season Registration Should be up mid to late summer

    •    2021 Golf Outing – Friday October 1 – Volunteers Needed!

    FAHA Cube Guidelines for Covid Play

    Effective immediately, we are implementing the following changes to our guidelines:

    • Use of the locker rooms will be limited — participants are permitted to use only the 'X' marked spots on the benches, and only one parent is permitted in the locker room per participant.  With the new restrictions, not all members of the same team will be able to use the same locker room, so we will be combining the two locker rooms on each side (left and right) of the locker area for one team.  In addition, overflow space will be designated in other areas of the ice rink, including the conference rooms, which will be available for participants to use for changing.  A schedule for locker room use will be posted prior to practices and games.

    • Participants may not enter the facility until 15 minutes before their scheduled practice or game and must depart 15 minutes after the end of their ice time.

    • Participants should come into the facility fully dressed to play but may put on or remove their skates in the locker rooms or other designated areas of the ice rink.

    In addition, we ask all our participants and their families to continue to follow all aspects of the State of Ohio’s guidelines and our own guidelines, which remain in effect and can be accessed on our website.  In particular, we need everyone’s ongoing help with the following important requirements:

    • Face masks must be worn in all areas of the rink except the ice surface.  For participants, masks must be worn immediately before and after taking the ice.

    • At least six feet of distance must be maintained between individuals except when on the ice participating in practice or a game.

    • Always practice good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.


    • Participants should conduct a self-assessment of their health before coming to practice or a game.  If the participant has symptoms of Covid-19 or does not feel well, he or she should remain home and seek medical care.

    • If a participant tests positive for Covid-19, that participant should isolate immediately and follow all requirements from the local health department and his or her physician.

    • A participant who tests positive for Covid-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, must not return to FAHA activities until meeting all applicable state and local health requirements, as well as the requirements of his or her physician.

    2020-2021 General Practice Schedule Updated 11-20-20 - Note Assigned Locker Rooms

    Time Team 1 Locker Team 2 Locker 
    Mon         6:30-7:25    IP Left lockers Minis Right lockers
                     7:25-8:20 Mite Conf 1 Squirt House Conf 2
    Tues        6:30-7:25    Peewee Travel Conf 1 Squirt Travel Conf 2
                    7:25-8:20 Peewee Hs OR Bantam Left lockers Peewee Hs OR Bantam Right lockers
    Wed        6:00-6:55    Mites Conf 1 Mini Mites Conf 2
                   6:55-7:55 Squirt House Left lockers Squirt Travel Right lockers
                   7:55-8:55 Peewee House Conf 1 Peewee Travel Conf 2
                   8:55-9:50 Bantam Blue Left lockers Bantam White Right lockers
    Thurs       8:30-9:50    Bantam Blue Left lockers Bantam White Right lockers

    2020-21 Season Registration Is NOW AVAILABLE!

    Registration for the 2020-21 FAHA season is now available. All age groups for IP, House, and those on Travel teams please use the following link. 

    2020-21 Season Registration

    The registration will walk you through the necessary steps including registering through USA Hockey (required) and payment must be made online. 

    Monthly Payments Available!!!

    Bantam Travel = $1500

    Peewee Travel = $1300

    Squirt Travel = $1100

    Peewee House = $550

    Squirt House = $525

    Mite = $375

    Mini Mite = $350

    IP = $50 per session / $75 if you register for both Fall and Winter sessions

    IP Equipment hand out will be 10/5/20 @ 6:30pm

    Any new first time player receives the first 10 week IP session FREE (with discount code - contact to receive your discount code). Returning players or after first free session is $50 per session or $75 for both sessions.

    Equipment provided (except stick for sale $20) with $125, refundable deposit. Scholarships available!!

    Winter Freeze 2021 Canceled

    The 2021 Findlay Winter Freeze tournament scheduled for:

    Mite House = 2/6/2021 & 2/7/2021

    Mite Select and Mini Mites = 2/13/2021 & 2/14/2021

    has been canceled for this year.

    After careful consideration, the FAHA Board has decided to cancel the 2021 Findlay Winter Freeze Tournament.  This cancellation is due to the inability to meet the current Covid distancing restrictions for the number of players we would have in the space that we have available, increasing number of Covid cases, and the potential of future Covid restrictions / regulations that may occur.

    The Board hopes to see you next year for the 2022 Winterfreeze Tournament.



    2020-2021 Junior Trojan's Learn to Play Hockey Winter Program

    Come learn to skate and play hockey this winter!!!


    Cost is $50 per session.  Any new first time player receives their first 9 week IP (Instructional Program) session FREE (please contact Registrar Mark Haubert - for a discount code)

    Equipment provided (except stick for sale $20) with $125, refundable deposit. Scholarships are available.

    Use the Registration Link at the top of the page to register.

    IP Schedule: Starts 1/4/21 - 3/1/21

    Monday's 6:30pm-7:25pm